Toronto Painting FAQs

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1. What can I expect when I call for an estimate from your painting contracting company?

All we need is your name, phone number, email and address where you need the work done and a time you’d like us to be there. You can expect one of our sales team (usually the owner) to meet you there promptly at the time agreed. Once we have a clear picture of everything you would like to have done, we’ll go over exactly what you can expect to complete the work and can usually give you a price on the spot!

2. With so many painting contractors out there, what makes ColourWorks different?

Like we’ve always said, “Everything you’d expect from a great painting company and more!” In other words, like any of our leading competitors, you can expect fast, friendly service with professional results. But then we do more! At ColourWorks, it’s not just our promise to give you more than you pay for, it’s our policy! Our aim is to be YOUR PAINTING COMPANY on speed dial when you need us. Just as you have a family doctor, we want to be your family’s house doctor. And we do that through genuine care in our work as if it were our own property. Give us a try and you’ll soon see difference!

3. Will the painting contractors on my project be seasonal/part-timers or experienced full-time professionals?

All ColourWorks painters are full-time year-round painting professionals selected for their ability to deliver consistent high-quality standards. All are experts in paint products and their application including the latest Eco-friendly coatings. Project managers have no less than 10 proven years in the painting industry and selected for their ability to deliver our services as if done by the ColourWorks owner himself. Company management has over 20 years experience in professional residential and commercial painting design and decorating services.

4. What’s included with my interior painting project?

1. Prepare

  • Furnishings and belongings which are left in the room will be grouped into the middle of the room and covered with new plastic sheets, and the surrounding floors will be protected with drop cloths.

2. Repair

  • Picture hooks, nails, and other fasteners or extraneous hardware will be removed and their holes filled (unless you specify otherwise by circling in PENCIL).
  • Cracks found open or moving on your plaster or drywall will be FibaTaped (mesh tape to bind the crack) and plastered smooth.
  • Texture cracks in your stucco or other textured surfaces will be filled and textured to match.
  • Peeling and failing paint will be scraped off or cut out.
  • Major flaws such as indented drywall or chipped plaster will be repaired
  • Sanding of all smooth surfaces to be painted

3. Prime

  • Dark colours on existing surfaces are fully primed to convert to new or lighter colours as needed.
  • Oil painted surfaces are Alkyd-primed to receive water-based Acrylic finish coatings as oil/Alkyd paints are no longer available nor allowed for the purpose of repainting oil-painted surfaces (typically used on trim). Water-based paints DO NOT adhere to Oil-based surfaces without proper conversion.
  • Plaster repairs and any bare wood are sealed with primer before painting.
  • Water damaged or stained areas will be sealed with shellac-based primer

4. Caulk

  • All cracks in seams where walls meet trim, ceiling meets wall and wall meets wall, etc. will be filled with latex caulking and wiped smooth.

5. Paint

  • All surfaces are skillfully painted to a solid and consistent finish in as many coats as specified for full coverage in your choice of colours from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams or Para Acrylic Paints.

6. Clean Up

  • The site will be tidied at the end of each day or shift and thoroughly cleaned at job end.

5. What time can I expect the work to start each day?

All ColourWorks Painting jobs are done during the hours most convenient to our customers. While doing residential work our hours are usually between 9am and 5 or 6pm depending on the work and area to be done. 9am starts are the most common as it coordinates nicely around most customers’ daily routines. If, however, it is important to the customer that we arrive before they leave for the day (say at 8 or 8:30am) then we will accommodate them with the earlier start without problem. Quite often, though, our commercial clients need a different schedule which we are also very adaptable to. Businesses which need to maintain operations during the day while having us paint simultaneously usually have us in during off hours. This means we’ll begin as soon as your day finishes and we’ll be cleaned up and ready for you to resume business as usual before you open the next morning. This has been a very successful strategy we’ve implemented for dozens of our clients such as restaurants, stores, offices, factories and industrial complexes. The fun is in coming to work in the morning to see the transformation you never saw happen!

6. I just need to have my front door painted. Do you do jobs that small?

Of course! How else would you get to know us so we can be YOUR painter in the future?

7. The exterior of my house hasn’t been painted in years and needs some work in order to be painted. Can you make it all paint ready or do I have to call in a carpenter and stucco refinishers first?

No matter what the condition of your house, we can find a solution. In fact, we have in-house carpenters and stucco repair crews. If the paint is peeling clean off of the wood, we’ll clean it all up so you won’t even recognize it! Rotten wood will be replaced! Holes, cracks and bulges in your stucco will be gone! Broken fences mended! Decks rebuilt or replaced! And, of course, everything finished to perfection!Here is what you can expect automatically with your exterior paint job:

  • Protection of gardens and grounds from paint and excessive debris using plastic and drop sheets
  • All loose and failing paint thoroughly scraped
  • Vines and/or their remnants removed from surfaces to be painted (unless specified otherwise)
  • Sanding of all surfaces
  • Bare wood or metal spot primed
  • All water and rust stains as well as knots in wood to be primed with shellac based primer
  • Caulking as required including around outer door and window frames where deteriorated to ensure good weather sealing
  • Replacement of all missing window glazing or where it can be easily removed with fingers
  • Two coats of top line U.V. protective exterior latex paint to all surfaces (unless specified otherwise)
  • Grounds cleaned of any debris from scraping, etc. each day and at the end using our own wet/dry vacuum cleaner as needed

8. Do you do any other types of finishing besides painting?

We are finishers by trade. Paint is only one of many finishes. Other finishes we’re right at home with include stains of all kinds, urethanes, enamels, and epoxies. Textured finishes are also commonplace from stucco and concrete to sprayed speckled treatments and venetian plaster. What’s more, we can even repair your existing texture! See our special services page for our full range of offerings.

9. What can I expect after the work is done?

We’ll ensure that all contract areas are painted properly and touched up. The crew leader will then invite you along on a final walk-through and inspection to ensure your satisfaction with the work done. Once you are happy with the results and certain your contract has been fulfilled we will ask for a cheque for the balance. From this point our workmanship is guaranteed for 2 years. (Decks, patios, flooring and steps are excluded from application guarantees because of the demanding abuse they can endure through normal use). Of course, we welcome your calls and positive feedback after our work is done. You can also feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about maintaining your new finish or find out when to get a cost effective refresher coat for instance. In other words, when you need us we’ll be here.

10. Can I get help from you with my colour choices?

Absolutely! Our clients are entitled to the experienced and educated opinion of our painting design specialist for up to one hour free of charge as part of your overall service… say “yes” during the estimate and we’ll work with you on your colours right there!

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