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Bring Curb Appeal to your home with our Toronto Exterior House Painting. Chances are you probably had a good feeling about your Toronto-area home even before you ever stepped inside. That’s your home’s exterior curb appeal!

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Our Standards & Values

The secret to maintaining that curbside pride and your residential value is to update and paint the exterior of your Toronto-area home approximately every five years. Panting your house’s exterior tells the neighbourhood how you love your home and inspires them to keep up appearances with their own homes. But it takes a top rated exterior house painting contractor to rejuvenate old weathered doors, windows, trim, porches and decks to not only make them look their best but protect them for years to come.

Painting residential exteriors is the most cost effective way to add beauty, value and protection to your Toronto home while saving you money on energy and more costly repairs down the road. And with today’s most advanced exterior painting technology in the hands of our expert painters, we assure you the most pleasing return on your investment anywhere in the Toronto area.

Our Exterior Painting Process for Toronto Families

1. Exterior Home Painting Preparation

A light misting of the gardens with water before carefully covering plants, shrubs, hedges and trees with clean plastic sheeting to protect from paint spatter, paint chips and other debris. Then where needed, door hardware, light fixtures and any other unpainted fittings are removed or protected.

2. Cleaning Painting Surface

Wherever appropriate, we start with pressure washing to remove any loose and failing paint as well as all dirt, debris and pollutants to ensure good adhesion of your new paint coatings.

3. Scraping/Sanding

After we’ve cleaned the surfaces by power washing or otherwise, we scrape or sand all remaining loose or peeling paint down to a solid surface and reduce or eliminate any raised deviations on the surface of more than 1/4″.

4. Priming External Painting Surface

All exposed bare wood or metal substrates are spot primed with a surface-appropriate primer (either Latex or Alkyd) to seal, protect and promote adhesion of the finish coats wherever needed. Knots and areas of tannin bleed on wood surfaces are sealed with a shellac-based primer to keep them from staining through the finish coats. All areas of bare or rusted metal are sealed with rust inhibitive primer.

5. Caulking/Filling

All gaps in and around wood trim being painted, such as windows, doors and doorframes, are neatly caulked with paintable exterior grade latex caulking. All surface impressions of 1/4″ or more are filled with appropriate paintable filling materials and sanded smooth or textured as needed to match the existing profile. Where wood has rotted, we recommend and install wood replacement rather than fillers.

6. Scuff Sanding

All surfaces are either hand sanded or power sanded as needed to feather repairs into the surrounding surface, as well as to create a “tooth” for maximum adhesion of primers and paint finishes.

7. Painting and Staining the Exterior of Your Home

With your chosen colours and sheens in hand, your exterior paints or stains are made to order by one of our top brand name suppliers like Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams. Our exterior painters then cut and roll two coats of your selected paint coatings as specified by the manufacturer or as directed by the PCA Industry Standards to which we are bound. The results speak for themselves with a solid consistent colour and finish that will last for years to come.

8. Cleaning-up

Job sites are routinely tidied and maintained during the daily painting process. Each day, paint chips are swept up from walkways and driveways and vacuumed from lawns and gardens. Tools, drop sheets and painting materials are all packed and stored neatly and ladders tucked away and locked in an area best suited to your premises. At the end of the job, the entire grounds are cleaned thoroughly and all tools and ladders are taken away along with any remaining garbage if not conveniently timed with your regular pick up. All we leave behind is leftover tinted finish paint for your convenience in case of touch ups at a later date.

9. Inspecting your exterior home painting project

Now that we’ve reviewed our list and checked it twice, your lead painter will ask you to walk through the job with him or her to show you what’s been done and ensure your complete satisfaction. Any concerns that arise would be taken care of on the spot. If for any reason you cannot be there for the final inspection, you’re still covered by our 2 year workmanship guarantee and anything we may have overlooked would be happily addressed at your earliest convenience.

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