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Toronto Interior House Painting Services

We offer painting for homes in Toronto with unmatched quality, care and respect. As Toronto’s top-rated interior home painting contractor, we are uniquely focused on your home, property and design vision.

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Our Standards & Values

Care and respect for your personal space and belongings are as much a part of our service as the painting itself. And as upstanding members of Toronto’s community, we take pride in earning your trust as caretakers of your home with the highest ethical standards and values you’d expect of only the most reputable residential painting service company.

You not only have my word on it… with hundreds of rave reviews, you have the word of our customers, too! We’re happy to share our references.

Our Interior Painting Process

1. Interior Painting – Getting Started

We start by preparing the area for work. Small items are carefully relocated out of harm’s way. Larger furniture is shifted to the middle of the room and covered with new plastic sheeting to protect it from dust and paint spatter. Drop sheets are then carefully placed around the perimeter of the room to protect the exposed flooring. Light fixtures, electrical plates, wall shelving and other hardware in the vicinity of painted surfaces are either removed or masked. Picture hooks and other extraneous hardware are removed to fill the holes or circled in pencil to replace in exact position after painting.

2. Preparing Your Home

All surfaces to be painted are first examined for major flaws such as large cracks, nail holes, deep gouges, failing plaster, water damage or chipping and repaired thoroughly to match existing surface profiles. In the case of extreme cracks where the plaster or drywall is evidently moving when pressed on, Fibatape is applied to bind the crack and finished with 3 coats of plaster to make it disappear and gain stable solidity. Once we’ve sufficiently restored the substrate, all surfaces are sanded to remove any debris, brush marks and roller fluff which may have been left from previous painting and to promote adhesion of the new coatings. Plaster and wood repairs are then sanded and spot-primed. Where the existing surface had been painted in Alkyd (oil-based) paint, a full coat of Alkyd conversion primer is applied to prepare the surface to accept Latex (water-based) coatings. In cases where the existing colour is too dark or too light to be solidly covered by the new colour in two coats, a full undercoat (or two) of Latex primer is applied to convert to the new shade. Caulking is then applied to fill gaps and seams between painted surfaces with paintable interior latex caulking and left to dry before painting.

3. Painting Your Home

With your chosen colours and sheens in hand, your paints are made to order by one of our top brand name suppliers like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams. Our painters then cut and roll two coats of your selected paint coatings as specified by the manufacturer or as directed by the PCA Industry Standards to which we are bound. The results speak for themselves with a solid consistent colour and finish that will last for years to come.

4. Cleaning Your Home

Clean! Clean! Clean is the ColourWorks Painting mantra. Once the dust has settled, the paint has dried and we’ve carefully checked for runs, drips or sags, all plastic sheeting is removed and bagged, drop sheets are carefully wrapped and rolled up with any dust and debris left inside to be taken away. Floors are cleaned and switch plates and any other hardware we removed is reinstalled. Your furniture is put back in position, the garbage is taken out and your leftover paint colours are marked and sealed for easy identification whenever you need a touch up. Then we pack up our tools, materials and equipment so you can easily see all of your newly painted space without clutter.

5. Inspecting Your Home Painting Project

Now that we’ve reviewed our list and checked it twice, your project manager will ask you to walk through the job with them to show you what’s been done and ensure your complete satisfaction. Any concerns that arise would be taken care of on the spot. If for any reason you cannot be there for the final inspection, no problem! You’re still covered by our 2 year workmanship guarantee and anything we may have overlooked would be happily addressed at your earliest convenience.

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