The Secrets Used by Colour Experts

July 3, 2019

Redesigning your Toronto home or business with a fresh colour palette can be a lot of fun when you use the savvy approach of a colour expert combined with the resources of your personal designer at ColourWorks Painting Design.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled some tips that the colour experts use when creating a new colour scheme.

Choose the Mood

Before choosing a set of colours for your new painting plan, decide what kind of mood you want in a given room. What kind of feeling do you want to evoke when someone first enters the room? The mood is the most important consideration, along with use of light. Do you want a serene atmosphere, a healing space or a pulsing energy? Once you’ve chosen the mood, be sure to balance light with dark to get the most out of your design.

Look Around You

Before narrowing down the colours you want, take an inventory of the colours around you. What kind of artwork do you own? What colours do you wear? When you open your closet, what colours jump out at you? What have you pinned on Pinterest? What colour is your furniture? What colour is your car? What colour flowers do you gravitate towards?

There may be a theme of colours that you surround yourself with and may not even realize. If you’re changing your exterior colour, your landscaping should match it nicely. Up to a point, don’t worry about what the rest of the neighborhood is doing. Choose the colour that suits your tastes. The caveat is: don’t choose a colour that is radically different than the neighborhood in which you reside.

Be Flexible

Bright white may look great on you and may be your favorite choice for table settings, but is it the best choice for your southern exposure room that gets a lot of sunlight? You may need to dial it down several steps to avoid creating a glare.

Your bathroom tile may have mustard marbling in it, but to gain an energetic feel, you may need to find that colour on the colour swatch and go up two steps in brightness to find the best colour to both blend with the existing tile and to upgrade to a fresh feel.

There are tricks and nuances to choosing colours that you will need to know to incorporate into your planning. Your colour expert at ColourWorks Painting Design can help you avoid the pitfalls and maximize the strategies to make a space that reflects your style and personality.

Consider Lasting Value

If you enjoy repainting and redecorating every few years, then lasting value isn’t a major concern. But if you want your paint job and your colour choices to go the distance, make sure you choose a high quality paint that will last and a colour scheme that you won’t grow tired of, and put your plan into action with the pros at ColourWorks Painting Design.

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