One Thing You Must Do Before Choosing a Colour for Any Room

July 3, 2019

Before you make a colour choice for any room in your Toronto home, consider one important step: defining your space.

The pros at ColourWorks Painting Design are experts at finding out just how you use your room to determine the best colour and the proper paint choice to get the most out of your space.

Our years of experience have helped us hone this discovery process to make sure your newly decorated space is what you’ve always wanted. We can start by determining what the purpose of the room is. Defining the personality and function of the room is the first place we start.

Define Each Room

Is your room:

  • Hub of activity, cluttered and busy
  • Elegant space, lightly used
  • Organic center, growing things, emphasizing good health
  • Heavily used space for lots of work
  • Clean and chiseled, utilitarian, bright

Once you’ve defined the room, you can start to pair that idea with the style of room that you’d like to have, along with what paint is best for that room.

Different styles of rooms:

  • The busy room needs a durable, easy to clean paint that will stand up to fingerprints, pets and dirt. Try a colour palette that is calming if your room is too hectic, such as sage or light blue. Or celebrate the craziness of family life with a bold colour choice, such as nail polish red or neon blue, coupled with a bright white for a kitchen, or an accent wall of black or red for a living room.
  • The sophisticated space with streamlined appliances and beautiful accents is nothing short of a showroom. Use an elegant, high end paint to achieve a matching look. Imbibe in your favorite neutrals, steels, grays, stormy blues and whites. Add a splash of colour with an interesting art piece or décor object. This room will impress guests and show off your style.
  • The green space longs for a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere with low-VOC paint to reduce odors. Think “healthy” with colours that heal such as green, sunshine yellow and happy blues. Add plants and wood accents to carry the theme.
  • The workhorse of the house should have a high-performance paint to keep up with the heavy use. Choose the colour that energizes you and encourages organization, such as bold greens, warm cayenne, chocolate brown, nautical blue or rich sunflower.
  • The bright, understated space should have a paint that stands up to washing while retaining its shine. Choose a clean but soft white for the walls and bring in a complementary colour with careful furniture or décor choices. Use metal accents to keep the look pure.

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