How Colour Psychology Can Help You Live a Better Life

April 1, 2019

Have you ever entered a Toronto restaurant and felt your appetite spike when you saw the décor? Or have you gone to a business appointment and started to feel down because of the medley of beiges that took up the majority of space? When you see a yellow kitchen, do you remember Grandma and her amazing cookies?

Colours hold an amazing amount of power over us. They can change our emotions and influence our decisions, actions and purchases in even the minutest ways. Understanding the psychology of colour is the first step to take when you are looking to redecorate your home or office. With the help of the designer at ColourWorks Painting Design, you can use colours to your advantage and evoke the feelings you want in each room of your house.

Colour psychology is not an exact science since it can be tied to regional influences, subjective experiences and personal tastes. Even with these variables, it is still worth considering all the angles before you develop a new colour scheme for your house. There are some universal truths about colours that can help you create the design that’s perfect for you.

Stealth Blue

A deep navy blue colour reflects loyalty, sincerity and stability. An indigo living room is a creative space that supports you while allowing you to find solutions and new directions. It pairs well with brighter blues and greens which will add more energy to the room.

Rocket Red

A popular colour in dramatic décor, red has been showing up in everything from cabinets to couches. Red provides energy in a room and is, naturally, extremely stimulating. It flames emotions such as passion, courage or anger. Used as the accent colour, red can create a fun and lively space.

Harmonious Purple

Violet can be a great colour, ushering in a sense of quietude and acceptance. It stimulates creativity and can be very refreshing. Tipping into the darker hue, Purple has been a royal colour, bringing the feeling of power to a space.

Optimistic Orange

A bubbly colour, orange brings a lot of positivity to a room. It is warm, happy and cheerful. Used in a dining room, orange will keep mealtimes engaging. Used in an office, orange can help a person retain a global view on temporary setbacks.

Perfect Pink

Pink is an intimate colour and can bring feelings of nostalgia to a space as well as a feeling of good health. It is a calming colour that engages the left brain to find copacetic solutions. It can also evoke feelings of nurture and love.

Grounded Green

Green promotes a sense of peace in a space. Paired with other natural colours, green gives you a sense of harmony with nature. Balance is also evoked by a deep green, as is seen in luxurious spas. Green is a colour that enhances feelings of love in a household.

Enthusiastic Yellow

If you’re looking for an upbeat energy in a room, you can’t go wrong with a form of yellow. Mental clarity is enhanced in a yellow room, so it may make a good accent colour in an office. It is an optimistic colour and can encourage creativity. Too much yellow can tip the scales, so use it as the hero colour with another colour or neutral.

Peaceful Blue

A bright or medium blue can bring a sense of balance to a room. It promotes a feeling of peace and rest. Trustworthiness and the colour blue go hand-in-hand. It is a great colour for an oasis in a sea of modern stresses.

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