Blue and Green Kitchens

July 3, 2019

White in the kitchen has traditionally been everyone’s favorite colour, but more recently, blue and green kitchens are starting to edge out white in Toronto homes.

If blues and greens make you feel at home, the colour designer at ColourWorks Painting Design can help you find the right way to incorporate these dashing colours into your kitchen to create the sensory treat you desire.

Depending on the hues, blues and greens can evoke a wide array of emotions. With a little help from the professionals, it is a simple thing to find the best colour combinations to add a sense of serenity, energy, relaxation or creativity, depending on the mood you desire.

Sometimes just an accent colour applied in thoughtful ways can do wonders, but at other times, a daring splash of colour across a wide area can revolutionize your existing kitchen. Consider these areas that could be perfect ways to incorporate blue and green in your kitchen:


Put the splash into your backsplash with a favorite choice of blues and greens. Light blue subway tiles, royal blue and chrome tiles, or lime green and navy tiles can set up an eye-catching and beautiful backdrop for the rest of the kitchen. Add an accent piece of a flower arrangement on the island or an objet d’art in the corner to add dimension to the backsplash.


Laminate countertops come in an array of blues and greens in either bold patterns or soft impressions. But if you’re looking for a more durable material, quartz can have a beautiful spackle of browns and blues, or granite has dark, dusky blues and subtle nautical greens to choose from.

Kitchen Cabinets

An obvious choice for decorating in blues and greens is to use the kitchen cabinets as your canvas. Soft sea greens or dusty blues can be amazing as cabinet colours. Some designers have chosen to do the wall, cabinets and ceilings in a hero blue for an intimate, cozy kitchen waiting for the next artisan foodie evening.


The fifth wall—the ceiling—could be just the ticket for adding an amazing display of colour that draws the eye down to the attractive features of the kitchen. A robin’s egg blue, a light baby blue, a soft mint green or a daring blue or green swirl could make an attractive ceiling accent. Trimmed in clean white, these ceilings lend a country charm to a kitchen.


The kitchen island could be the accent piece that showcases the hue of blue or green that energizes you. Accentuated with pedestal lights in a complimentary blue or green, the island colour could be enchanting.


The bar stools, lined up with the island, are easily painted in a captivating accent colour. Complimented with chrome fixtures or painted lighting pendants, these highlight colours can be quite charming.

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