5 Ways to Add a Splash of Colour

July 3, 2019

Has the new season left you longing to freshen up your Toronto home with a carefree splash of colour? At ColourWorks Painting Design, we have some great ideas of places to add colour that can make a big impact on your house without a total renovation.

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh colour and a bit of creativity to achieve new heights for your house. Here are five places you may not have thought about that could easily handle a vibrant colour choice to breathe new life into your existing home.

1. Front Door

When was the last time you examined your front door? Are there scratches, fading or chips in the paint? Is the colour outdated? One of the easiest fixes is to bring a bright blue, red, sage or caramel colour to totally change the look of the front of the house. Bump your curb appeal with this one easy trick.

2. Bathroom Vanity

Bathroom cabinets can quickly become outdated. The daily abuse they are subjected to can also leave more than one mark and dingy appearance. This can all be dramatically changed by a beautiful colour choice, expertly applied by the pros at ColourWorks Painting Design.

3. Kitchen Cabinets

Bold choices in the kitchen are becoming more and more common. If your cabinets need freshening, a daring choice of colour could be just what you want. Let your personality shine in this room with a lighthearted, fun, elegant, serene or modern take on traditional cabinetry. Our pro team knows how to prep and apply the colours to create the dimensional, captivating look to inspire the chef in you.

4. Laundry Room

Is laundry your least favorite chore? Why spend so much time working on doing laundry in a dreary room when you can add a dash of colour and pattern and have an exciting, energizing new space? Find a colour that inspires you and let’s talk about the endless possibilities.

5. Furniture

Do you have a bookcase wall, an old headboard or a bureau that is uninspiring? The ColourWorks team can transform these dull pieces into glossy, colourful showcases for each room. Want a special painting technique to add texture or style? We can do that, too.

How Much is Too Much?

Worried about an excess of colour crossing the line between cheerful and cheesy? At ColourWorks, our in-house colour designer is here to help. We’ll make sure the colours you love are applied with just the right touch to create just the atmosphere you wanted.

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Which of these five areas in your home need the most attention? Would a splash of colour energize you and freshen up your home? Give us a call today at (416) 920-4482 or email us to schedule your free initial consultation. Or, ask us for a quote. At ColourWorks Painting Design, we love to use our talent to make big impacts in small ways, transforming your home into the castle that you’ve always dreamed of owning.

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