5 Ways Professional Painters Can Save You Money

September 25, 2018

If you think painting your house yourself will save you money, think again. Hiring a professional painting contractor with a strong track record for high quality work like ColourWorks Painting Design, can actually save you money in the long run. Here’s 5 ways you’ll save money with a professional painter to paint your home interior or house exterior, and even your business or office commercial painting, too.

1. Sell it Fast

When it comes time to sell, no one wants his or her house to linger on the market. If your house has been professionally painted, it will have greater curb appeal and it stands a much higher chance of attracting attention. Once potential buyers take a closer look, the quality of paint found both indoors and outdoors will stand out as a positive feature.

In addition, professional painters can tone down troubled areas like unattractive trim or mismatched materials, giving your house a more cohesive look. These advantages help you sell faster, attract higher bids, and keep closing conditions on your terms.

2. Reduce Heating & Cooling Bills

A professional painter can help you choose the best exterior paint for your house’s unique exposure. A light colour will reflect the sunlight and potentially lower your cooling bill in the hot months. An extra perk may be protecting your house from sun damage.

On the other hand, a darker colour will absorb sunlight and make your house easier to heat in the cold months. You’ll appreciate the lower bills in the months ahead, and all it takes is a quick consultation with an experienced painting professional to show you the ideal coatings for your unique conditions.

3. Save on Paint & Supplies

Professional painters tend to get paint at wholesale prices, something the average homeowner is not able to do. These savings are passed on to the customer to keep your costs down when compared to buying paint yourself. And while prices may be lower, the quality is not. Your professional painter will make sure you have the best quality primer and finishes for your needs, which ultimately balances beauty, value and protection for your home or commercial property.

Also, painting requires an array of supplies, which is an additional expense for the do-it-yourselfer. Rollers, brushes, poles, sprayers, tape, masks, drop cloths and mats are some of the many supplies needed for painting. But hiring ColourWorks Painting Design means no extra expenses for you and plenty of supplies to get the job done right and to protect your fixtures, floors and furniture.

4. Lower Electrical Bills

Let’s face it, the high cost of electricity in Ontario has become so much of a concern that it’s a regular nightly news story. With the guidance of a professional painting designer, you can keep those lighting bills down with creative colour selections designed to enhance your natural light and reduce the amount of artificial light you’ll need all times of day. As well, the skillfully applied use of painter’s caulking around doors and windows seal out draughts and reduce electrical consumption of your climate-control systems year-round. You’d be surprised at the energy savings you’ll see over time.

5. Time is Money

Finally, a professional painter saves you money by saving you time. Trying to take on a major painting project yourself can eat up quite a bit of time and becomes especially slow when having to live or work in your own job site. In addition to losing time you could be spending on more productive income-earning tasks, or valuable time with your family and friends, you’ll also be taking lengthy trips to the store and wasting time between plaster and paint applications. Meanwhile, the pros would have it all done in a fraction of the time it would take you, all while you get on with what’s important to you. In fact, most people find by the time they’ve done the painting themselves, it would have saved them both time and money if they’d simply hired a professional painter.

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