5 Ice Cream Colours to Capture Summer Year-Round

August 22, 2019

Just can’t get enough summer? Bring the magic of the sun into your Toronto home with a playful use of colours that make you think of ice cream and everything that’s great about summer.

Your personal designer at ColourWorks Painting Design can help you find the cheerful colours that elevate a room to something engaging and energizing. Check out these 5 cool ice cream colours that can warm up your home and dish up some fun.

1. Orange Creamsicle

The soft blend of orange and white makes a rich melon colour that can brighten and deepen with the changing sunlight. In the same way that an orange push-up pop can instantly bring a smile, this creamy orange can add interest to any space.

Try it: A cantaloupe-coloured entryway could make a splashy entrance to your home that cheerfully plays with the streaming rays of light.

2. Bunny Blue

Whether you love pale ice or bubblegum, blue can be a versatile and interesting colour for a room. With a nod to nature, blue can remind you of sunnier days year-round.

Try it: An icy blue or taffy blue can make a beautiful laundry room colour that pairs perfectly with a coffee, toffee, cream or pecan. Enjoy doing laundry like never before when surrounded by a cheery blue in natural accents.

3. Lemon Ice

Summer colours are not complete without a dash of cool, icy yellow. A traditional colour, yellow is a colour that inspires creativity and happiness.

Try it: A cool mango, creamy mango or vibrant lemon can make the perfect backdrop for your kitchen walls. Add an accent of green to complete the pairing.

4. Mint Green

Honeydew melon green is a harmonious colour that ushers in balance to a room. Feel refreshed after a long day while relaxing in your favorite space splashed with mint.

Try it: An icy green in your living room trimmed with cloud white can create a restful atmosphere while stimulating mental clarity. Accent with a variety of browns, light blues or wispy pinks for a natural touch.

5. Strawberry Pink

With a lighthearted touch, milkshake pink brightens a room with a soft glow. With possible leanings towards peach or beige, soft rose pink makes a soothing space to regroup after a hard day.

Try it: A minty pink or bubblegum pink is a great bedroom colour. Complement it with bright white for a crisp look or antique white for a vintage flair.

Classy or Kiddie?

If you’re worried that your ice cream colour pick will come off as a childish choice, we can help with that. If your mint green has yellow undertones and the room faces north, the yellow will overpower the green and you may lose the soft colour you were originally admiring. Your colour designer will help you examine the angles of lighting and colour accents to make sure your palette creates the mood you desire.

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At ColourWorks Painting Design, we’re ready to bring our expertise to make sure you love your new icy colour and professional paint application that brings the sun every day, rain or shine.

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